12 Days of Giveaways with Teased

“Christmas is a tonic for our souls. It moves us to think of others rather than ourselves. It directs our thoughts to giving.”

In the spirit of the season we have decided to do our first ever 12 Days of Giveaways! This is our chance to gift some of our favorite products and services to both old friends and new friends and spread some holiday cheer. 

Day 1:
December 14 - Davines Travel Kit

Day 2:
December 15 - Brazilian Blowout Step 3 Treatment

Day 3:
December 16 - 1 Blowout

Day 4:
December 17 - Your choice of 1 full size Davines product

Day 5:
December 18 - A blowout for you and a friend

Day 6:
December 19 - 1 Makeup Application

Day 7:
December 20 - Oi by Davines Body Wash & Lotion

Day 8:
December 21 - $50 Gift Card

Day 9:
December 22 - 1 Haircut 

Day 10:
December 23 - $100 Gift Card

Day 11:
December 24 - Any color service up to $150 value

Day 12:
December 25 - $200 Gift Card

how to win

On Facebook

  • Like our page & post

  • Tag 2 friends

  • Share post for an extra entry

How to Enter on Instagram:

  • Like our page

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We will choose one winner the following morning of each day! Good luck & happy holidays!

hairstyling for dummies

davines haircare products

You know those girls that always have perfectly styled hair? Always wonder how they do it? We want to let you in on a little secret…it’s all about the product you are putting in your hair.

We are constantly hearing people say…I have the worst hair. You don’t. You’re just using the wrong products. For instance, if you had trouble with your skin, chances are you’d invest in the right products, right? Your hair is no different.

not all products are made equal

In fact, a lot of products you purchase at the drug store are typically watered down, which aren’t doing your hair any favors. When you use a professional hair product you are getting more bang for your buck and treating your hair with the love it deserves.

ph hair levels

Quick science lesson…this is important: pH levels. (Remember pH from high school?! Potential Hydrogen!) pH levels range from 0 to 14. Numbers on the lower side are more acidic and higher numbers are more alkaline, the amount of hydrogen in something determines the pH level.

Ok Kristen, what does pH have to do with my hair? Glad you asked. Your hair is made up of tiny shafts made of scales called cuticles. Alkaline based products when you mix them with water cause your cuticle to open, exposing the inside of your hair shafts….you want to keep them closed. To keep your shaft closed and moisture sealed in your cuticle you want to be using products with a more acidic pH level.

I’m starting to feel like Bill Nye over here. So the moral of this story is that there is a lot to know behind the products you’re putting in your hair! Which is why we are launching “hairstyling for dummies”.

back to the classroom:

hairstyling for dummies

Date: 11/15/18
Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Price $50

During this class we will review your hair type, which type of products are best for your hair type, and how to style your hair! You’ll get a shampoo from one of our stylists, and the rest is up to you, with the guidance of a Teased professional.

Post class you’ll get a chance to shop our hair line, Davines, and receive 30% off your entire purchase!

fall in love with your hair again

Can we talk about the weather this weekend though…O M G. I feel like this is what we wait for all summer long, crisp autumn days with warm sunshine…the absolute best! What goes well with this weather? The obvious answer would be a bomber jacket and a blowout (ok and maybe some lowlights and a peek-a-boo blonde).

Thinking its time for a change? Or maybe a new stylist? Are you a new client? We love it all! From start to finish we strive to make your experience as personalized as possible. The first step to loving your hair is finding your perfect stylist—this can be hard! You have to find someone who understands your vision, thinks similarly to you, and matches your personality! We all know that your hairstylist is so much more than that…they are a built in friend, it’s important that you love them AND what they can do for your hair.


meeting your perfect stylist

Our Meet Your Stylist feature on our website takes you through a survey and matches you with your perfect stylists at our salon!

Once you match with your stylist give us a call or shoot us an email! Our front desk staff loves answering your questions, after all, we are here for you! We like to get to know you a bit on the phone before we book your reservation - sometimes we even suggest coming in for a complimentary consultation prior to booking. This gives us an opportunity to meet you, get to know you, and schedule your reservations to ensure you have plenty of time to achieve your hair goals. Call us at 978-521-8011 or email us at info@teasedsalonandspa.com

Need some ideas for a new look this fall? We can help you with that too! Check out our blog about fall trends that we love… (did someone say pastels? swoon)

We love hair and we want you to love YOUR hair. Whatever your dream look may be there is no challenge to big for our team. From fantasy color to pixie cuts and everything in between a member of our teased family is here to give you life this season.

Lots of love.

Feeling the Fall Trends

This past weekend was a reminder that fall is closer then we think. As temperatures start to drop, a new season of trends are on the rise. Your team at Teased is thrilled with whats hot this season, you should be too. Check out our favorites below…

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 11.54.24 AM.png

the middle part

All hail the center part - it’s one of the easiest ways to change your look up! Try it with sleek straight hair for a sophisticated look!

crown braids

No shocker here. We’ve been rocking crown braids all summer long and couldn’t be happier we can pair them with a red lip and leather bomber this season!

messy buns

Keep it low and wispy. We recommend spray the crown of your head with a texture or dry shampoo spray, brush it back (may we suggest the middle part). Pull just a couple pieces out to make the look a little romantic.


Take your pick - from bows to claw clips to headbands, and bobby pins… it’s all about adding a little something to your look this fall.

pops of pastel

Fantasy color isn’t going anywhere this season- try a little pop of pastel before darkening your locks for the winter.

The list goes on, but these our some of our absolute favorites. Ready for a refresh? Our team would love to take care of you.

Give us a call and let your fall makeover begin 978-521-8011

Here Comes the Bride

We know we tell you all the time but our team at Teased just really loves, love. Whenever we book a wedding our team literally jumps for joy. They love all the aspects of helping a bride and her girls prepare for their walk down the aisle. From the initial consultation, to the trials and day of, our mission is to create a relationship with you. We don’t take the honor of stylists on wedding day lightly!

See the thing is, you should feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. The thoughtfulness of our team will give you all the confidence in the world that your ultimate wedding look will come to life. The art of styling and staying on trend while being timeless is a delicate dance that we strive to perfect each time we meet with our unique bride. 

the bridal studio by teased


Not sure of your bridal style? That’s okay (and totally normal)! Sometimes you always imagine a classic up-style and you end up with a boho braid...that's where we come in! Our team will consider your venue, your dress, the style of your wedding, and even the weather while we try on different looks together. 

Beyond styling we have an incredible passion for makeup. Wedding makeup is one of the most important parts of your look (those photos last forever)! After a thorough consultation regarding your day to day makeup habits we will explore options together. 

2019 wedding season

With fall just around the corner, we are excited to begin booking for our 2019 wedding season! Questions regarding a Teased Wedding? Just reach out! We can’t wait to help you!

effortless summer

teased effortless summer.jpg

We’re here, those sweet long summer days that trickle into the night that we wait for all year. Warm sun, soft breezes, beach days, boat days, what’s better than this?

We can tell you… keeping your look put together effortlessly from the beach to the bbq. How does one do this? Your team at teased has the answers.

step one

Brazilian Blowout. Now let me tell you, I was the first to be a non-believer of this treatment, I guess you could say I just didn’t understand. I naturally have the strangest texture hair, a mix between curly, wavy, and fine… air dry wasn’t in my vocabulary. After being tackled down by my stylist in the salon and given the treatment, I will never not have a Brazilian Blowout. The luxury of air - drying my hair is simply amazing. Your hair will dry faster, smoother, and feel healthier than ever. This treatment will change your life, and it’s not an understatement. 

step two

Lashes. I have forever been an advocate for lashes. Most of you know I’m always on the go or teaching a fitness class and it is a luxury to roll out of bed and look (kind of- somewhat) put together. Lash extensions make summer easy, no need to worry about mascara rolling down your face at the pool party. Your long, black ,fluffy lashes stay put while you have fun and they are the best compliment to sun kissed skin with lip-gloss. DONE. 

step three

Davines. Professional products change lives people. We aren’t lying when we say drug store shampoo and conditioner is bringing you (and your hair) down. Drug store products are often diluted, the first ingredient in these products is usually water (yikes) and they typically include silicone which will make your hair shiny at first and then dull over time. Cue Davines, these farm to hair products not only smell amazing but include so many amazing minerals for your hair. The simple change of using a salon product over a drug store product will give your hair true shine, restore hydration, and increase the overall health. Who wouldn’t love to give there hair new life after all the salt water, sun, and chlorine this summer?!

step four

We genuinely hope you’re all having an amazing and safe summer surrounded by family and friends. We would love to see your summer adventures, so take us along with you!

Tag us on Instagram at @teased_salon and use the hashtag #123teased and you’ll be entered to win all three of these steps to an effortless summer look! (Davines products limited to three products or $99 value). The more you tag, the more chances to win.

Now get out there and LIVE LARGE!

Summer Lovin'

We are loving on the time of year so hard at Teased. The sun is out, our door is open, and all the good vibes are flowing in the salon. Hair hasn’t been the only thing transforming over here recently. Over the winter we made some amazing new additions to our team (we are totally living our best life) and in turn, our team inspired us to transform the salon. 

for the love of hair

See, our team right now is loaded with love for hair. They are constantly immersing themselves in education, trying new techniques, styling on one another, hosting classes, and quite frankly, blowing us away. 

From mermaid hair trends to intricate braids there is a member of our team that is here to make your hair dreams a reality. Whether your looking for something natural or totally out of the box this group jumps at a challenge and will do anything possible to ensure a teased guest leaves satisfied. Hair extensions? Definitely. Undercut? We love. Need some inspo? We are happy to schedule a complimentary consultation to spend some time getting to know our stylists and discussing your hair goals. 

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting each of our stylists so you can see their specialities and get to know them even better! We also launched an online platform that uses an algorithm to match you with your perfect stylist based on personality and what you look for in your stylist!

The team at Teased is so passionate about making people feel beautiful - it’s almost overwhelming. The inspiration they bring to work with them is contagious - which is why we decided to fuse together the look of the salon and the vibe of our team. 

Noticing some changes with our brand? Our fresh new vibe was directly inspired by our team. Next visit to the salon you’ll notice our space is full of fresh flowers and living plants; Tranquil candles and himalayan pink salt scattered about. 

As always, we are here to help you in anyway we can, there is nothing we love more then making you feel your best.

ready to visit?

Call our reservations desk today 978-521-8011 or reach us by e-mail at info@teasedsalonandspa.com!

The Bridal Studio by Teased

teased weddings

There are so many reasons to love this time of year, but our favorite reason is wedding season! Our team at Teased loves nothing more then helping a brides beauty dreams come true. We believe your wedding should be everything you’ve ever dreamed of, which is why our team vows to take care of you every step of the way.

Whether you choose to get ready in the salon or on location at your venue, our goal is to make your experience as seamless as possible. Your personal bridal concierge will guide you through your planning experience, help you find the right stylist for your day of look, and even make the little extras (bubbles and brunch anyone?) a reality.

Our Bridal Team

Lets talk stylists. Our team at teased is A1 when it comes to styling you and your girl gang for the big day. Whether you’re going for romantic curls or trendy braids, we promise to bring your vision to life. Makeup? We do that too.

Really, our mission is to keep you feeling beautiful from your engagement to your honeymoon because these are the greatest and most exciting days. From color consults, to smooth treatments, lashes and brows, we are here for you. With so many decisions to make as a bride, let us make this one easy, we love to love you.

Contact our wedding coordinator today!

Back-to-School Haircuts & Clarifying Treatments


It’s just about that time of year when your social media feeds will be flooded with back-to-school pictures of your little cousins, nieces, nephews, neighbors, etc. dressed in their newest, most favorite outfits. Let’s face it, whether you’re a teacher or student there’s nothing more exciting than looking your best for a new school year adventure…and that includes your hair!

Let’s face it, one of the easiest and most exciting ways to freshen up for fall is with a haircut; a little trim, layers, a long bob, or maybe even some bangs!

Complimentary Clarifying Treatment

Now, it’s time to take this fresh cut you’re getting to the next level with a complimentary clarifying treatment.  Your hair will be the cleanest it’s ever been, removing dulling residue and buildup from chlorine, hard water, and styling products!

Call us (978-521-8011) to schedule your back-to-school haircut today and receive your complimentary clarifying treatment!

Brazilian Blowout Express

Instant Split End Correction

I am one of the most indecisive people when it comes to my hair, and what I want it to look like, so being a salon owner is almost a double-edged sword. Dark, highlights, dark, balayage, dark, so on and so forth (someone once told me on a dating app that I looked like 3 different people in my profile…oops). I’ve put my hair through the ringer. 

Recently, one of our lead stylists became certified in American Wave, the most perfect beach wave perm imaginable (more details coming soon), and of course the beach bum in me wanted to have it. Under the careful watch of our amazing stylists I was guided in a different direction, and came up with a plan to bring my hair back to life.  

Cue: Brazilian Blowout Express Instant Split End Correction

…The most amazing thing that’s happened to my hair in a long while. The process was quick, hassle free, and lasts up to 4 weeks. It’s the perfect add on to any service whether you’re here for a blowdry, haircut, or color as it only takes an additional 10 minutes

The Process:

First, I headed back to the shampoo bowl and was washed out with Brazilian’s new Ionic Cleanser. This wash has anionic cleansing agents that draw out and dissolve impurities. After my shampoo, I was brought back to my stylist’s station where my hair was sectioned off for the solution to be combed through the ends. 

Each strand got coated with reparative nutrients to mend and seal where the cuticle is split or broken. Once the solution had been combed through it was my blowdry as usual followed by flat ironing the bottom 2-3 inches of the hair to lock in the product and seal the ends. The end.

Can you believe that’s it? I couldn’t, but my hair sure looked and felt better than ever. Following the treatment, it is best to wait 48-hours before washing, but that’s nothing a little R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste or Death Valley Dry Shampoo Spray couldn’t handle! It's been one full week since I've received the treatment, and my hair still feels silky, smooth and shiny...I'm in love.

Give us a call at 978-521-8011 to schedule your Brazilian Blowout Express or add it to an already scheduled appointment!

An R+Co Love Affair

Molly {very quickly} showing us how she uses all of her favorite R+Co products for the perfect beach wave blowdry! 

Lets talk, we are in LOVE. So we have been dating the past few years and we are happy to announce our new committed relationship. (Facebook Official) Who’s the lucky guy? He’s amazing, funny, hard-working, long lasting, and deliciously smelling… R+Co.

We know you may have noticed the revolving shelves of hair product, but we finally got it right.

There is SO much to be excited about:

  • This new(er) brand is straight-forward as in, it does exactly what it says
  • The fragrance alone which is gender neutral and not at all over-powering will have you happy to not only wash but even blowdry. Your boyfriend will most definitely try to swipe the shampoo so keep that stuff on lockdown.
  • You’ll be blown away by the creativeness this brand has to offer - i.e. pre shampoo treatment masks and dry shampoo paste. AH-mazing.

Not mention, this brand hits all the important points, paraben free, sulfate free, it’s vegetarian, cruelty free, gluten free, and color safe.

Blowdrys & R+Co Party Time

So by now I’m sure you’re as excited as we are, which is why we are having our official R+Co launch party on Friday, April 28th from 3pm-7pm.  We are offering half off blowouts, happy hour treats, live music, giveaways, and a chance to win a bunch of products!

Give us a call at 978-521-8011 & come play with us!!!

The Teased Team

Hair Stylist Spotlight: KC


It’s time to meet KC! She has been a stylist for 15 years, and is one of our lead stylists!

Q: What do you love most about being a hair stylist?

A: I love that I get to be creative every day, with every client and making each of them feel special.

Q: What are your specialties?

A: Balayage, foiling and short cuts!

Q: What is your favorite style haircut to give?

A: I like to get creative and use precision cutting, so creating long bob (aka the LOB) allows me to create those exciting straight, dramatic lines and clean angles (cue: Vidal Sassoon).  

Q: Who or what inspires you?

A: Speaking of Vidal Sassoon, I love watching all of the old videos. Not to be cliché, but watching that man work and speak is very inspiring. Aside from my professional inspiration my family and team always keep me focused and so inspired.  

Q: What is your favorite styling tip?

A: Beachy waves are a popular go-to style, so using a beach spray like R+Co Rockaway, a curling iron, and a little tousle is super easy and beautiful. Please, always be sure your hair is fully dried with product before using any styling tools!

Q: What sort of trends do you see on the horizon for Spring 2017?

A: Perms and bangs…mark my words, Julianne Hough.

Now, let’s get a little personal ;-)

Q: How do you relax after a long day?

A: I like to take a drive and go for a walk on the beach…Jenness Beach in Rye, NH is my favorite.  

Q: What accomplishments are you most proud of?

A: Being a hairstylist is my passion, and what I am meant to do in life, but it’s a very cut-throat industry. So, the accomplishment I am most proud of is sticking with it, staying focused, constantly continuing my education and making a name for myself!

Q: What is the most interesting fact you can share about yourself?

A: Nick Arrojo from TLC’s, What Not to Wear requested for me to be his assistant!

Q: If you had one wish what would it be?

A: For us to all succeed in life!

Check out some of KC's work:

Want to schedule an appointment with KC? Give us a call at 978-521-8011!

For All the "Hair Virgins"



So you’re thinking about coloring your hair, but you’ve never done it before.  I’ve been there --exactly one year ago when I found Teased.  We are the minority that hair stylists adoringly call “hair virgins.”  They cannot wait to get us in their chair to show us the wonders of the color world.  Let’s start from the beginning… 

Thinking about coloring your hair for the first time can be a bit overwhelming.  What color do you want to pick?  Do you want a dramatic transformation or more of a subtle new look?  I had no idea what I was getting into when Katie suggested that I spruce up my look by adding some highlights.  I wasn’t sure if color was for me because I knew that it was something that I would have to actually keep up with (and, trust me, I’m bad at commitments).  Cue that funny word that no one really knows how to say: balayage.  This is a more natural look that I was willing to commit to because I could go much longer without touching up my color.  It was on a random Thursday that I said, “You know what? Let’s just do this,” and with that, a color addict was born. 

While I was in the chair, waiting for my color to process, I started to panic a bit.  Putting all your trust in another human by letting them change your hair is a big deal, but, believe it or not, this is actually what the stylists are here for.  They know color, what looks good and what only looks good on Pinterest.  Katie dried and styled my hair without letting me look in the mirror, so when I finally turned around I was shocked.  It’s amazing what even a small color change can do for you.  You feel like a brand new person!

After :-)

After :-)

For awhile, I kept asking to go more blonde because I was loving being able to change the way I looked just by adding some color to my hair.  Then Megan Trainor went from blonde to merlot red and I was inspired.  The day I finally turned over to the dark side, the panic from my first color process returned.  The whole time the color was on my head I was having an inner meltdown thinking I may have made a mistake; then I looked in the mirror.  I honestly cannot believe I stayed blonde for so long. 

Now, I’m not telling you this so you’ll go out and dramatically transform your hair.  I’m telling you this so you can hear it from someone who went from zero color in her hair to going dark in the course of about 6 months.  I was quite possibly the most hesitant color client the stylists had ever seen.  I started out with little changes that made me feel a little extra glamorous and ended up finding the color that I should’ve been born with.  Color is a wonderful thing once you finally make a decision to lighten (or darken) your natural color.  It can make you feel like a brand new woman and give you that little confidence boost you may be in need of.  If someone like me who was very opposed to coloring my hair can take the plunge, so can you.  And I’d be willing to bet you’ll love the new you.


The Beauty of Balayage


As a college student, I’m all about convenience. I always tend to seek out services that require as little maintenance as possible. For example, I always splurge on the gel manicure because they simply last longer and require less frequent appointments. In regards to my hair, I love foils don’t get me wrong, but once your hair grows out, your beautiful highlight that once started at the root begins halfway down your head; and ladies, this look is so not cute! Foils require commitment which is something I just (for lack of a better word) can’t commit to. I’m a twenty-something college girl going to school in Connecticut, and I have zero time to commute to Haverhill on the regular to touch up my hair. That my friends, is why I fell in love with this little thing called a balayage.

Before I explain to you what a balayage is, I want to first give you a tid bit about my hair history. Throughout my childhood, I kept my hair au naturale until I turned 9 and got a few blonde foils in my hair, which needless to say made me the coolest chick in the fourth grade. Ever since, I’ve added very minimal color to my brunette locks, as I’ve always wanted my hair to look authentic. Which is why a balayage is the perfect color service for me!

Low Maintenance Balayage

A balayage is “a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect”. The beauty of a balayage is that when it grows out, you can totally wait a longer before your next color appointment because of the natural look a balayage gives you. So ladies, gone are the days of long roots and the infamous SOS call to your stylist. In fact, want to know my dirty little secret? Before my partial balayage on Tuesday, the last time I had colored my hair was August...that’s five months! And you know what? Nobody ever questioned the pretty little blonde pieces scattered throughout my hair because they look effortlessly natural.

So, there you have it pretty people...now you know why I am in love with all a balayage has to offer. Minimal maintenance so I never have to cheat on my #TeasedTeam while at school, and a color so gorgeous it looks like you were born with it.

Have you tried a balayage yet? If not, what are you waiting for?!


Treat Yo Self with KEVIN.MURPHY

The Kevin Murphy Treat Me Experience

This just in! Kevin Murphy’s line TREAT.ME is now available at Teased, and lucky for you, you can get a sneak peak into all this product has to offer thanks to yours truly

First things first, let me explain to you what TREAT.ME is. Kevin Murphy describes it as “a facial for your hair”. TREAT.ME is composed of a range of ingredients  made of “super proteins” from plants and veggies to strengthen and repair damaged hair from chemicals and hot styling tools.

If you’re reading this ask yourself these two simple questions...

  1. Do you blow dry, straighten, or curl your hair frequently?

  2. Do you apply color to your hair?

If you answered yes to either of these questions you’re in luck; you’re a perfect candidate for this amazing deep conditioning treatment!

Today, myself and the Teased Team couldn’t wait to get our hands on the product and give it a test run! So, I invite you to keep reading and experience this amazing treatment with me, I promise you’ll want to be next!

To start, Jess made the TREAT.ME “mixture” to cater to my hair type. There were a few options to choose from to mix with the Elixir Flacon, which is basically the “base” of the mixture. Jess chose to use the TREAT.ME Moisture serum on me because my hair is both chemically treated and dry given this cold winter.

We then moved over to the sink, and Jess cleansed and prepped my hair with Maxi Wash to reduce any oil and residue that may have been on my hair. She then washed my hair again with Kevin Murphy Hydrate.Me shampoo. She chose to use Hydrate.Me on my hair because it is a super light shampoo that moisturizes and hydrates the hair, something my locks totally needed!

Following the second shampoo, Jess sprayed the mixture of Elixir Flacon and Moisture throughout my hair from roots to ends while giving me a nice head massage. I then got to sit back and relax for 10 minutes while the treatment set in, and I experienced a cool, tingling sensation along my roots. After almost falling asleep from that amazing little head massage, I was rinsed once more before heading to the chair for my blowout!

Check out this video to see Jess in action!

Now Time for the the Blowout!

Before beginning my blowout, Jess sprayed Kevin Murphy Un.Tangled in my hair and combed it through then added Kevin Murphy’s Young.Again to add even more moisture, and lastly Kevin Murphy’s Body.Builder to add some volume to my blowout. Then diligently she separated my hair into the tiniest of sections and applied the blowdryer to create some soft curls, pinning each piece up after it was dry. 

Finally, after a long blowdry (sorry for my thick hair, Jess!) I could finally feel the results of my TREAT.ME treatment. I was blown away. My hair had honestly never felt better. I could run my fingers through my hair like butter. It felt so smooth and silky, and it looked and felt extremely healthy. I have become so accustomed to my thick, heavy head of hair, and after that last pin came out, and my hair fell to my shoulders I felt like I practically had no hair at all! The treatment made it so lightweight and bouncy, I felt like a new woman!

After admiring my locks for sometime, and taking a few selfies (everyone knows that when you get teased you just have to document) Jess applied some Kevin Murphy Session.Spray to help my hair hold that soft curl, and viola! My TREAT.ME experience had come to a close.

The TREAT.ME Results

It’s been a few hours since my treatment, and my hair still looks and feels great! Not to mention, it smells absolutely delicious! Ladies, I encourage you all to treat yourselves to a TREAT.ME conditioning treatment, because after all of  your endless blowout appointments, balayages, and foils, your hair could use some rejuvenation. So, give your hair a little love, and book a TREAT.ME appointment today! #TreatYoSelf

The Teased Team

Happy Hoildays from Teased Salon

I don’t know about you, but the holiday season is my absolute favorite time of the year. There’s something about the sight of Christmas lights, candles in windows, and the smell of pine that makes me oh so happy! Happiness is infectious, and so is the positive energy that surrounds us all during this season.

With that being said, the energy in the salon during the holidays is something special. Between the wreaths on our front doors, our dainty tree, Christmas lights galore, holiday tunes, and our Hollyberry candle burning, we are the epitome of festive. And let’s not forget about our fabulous stylists, who are always eager to make your days brighter, and, well, prettier!

Anyway...we’ve loved being your go-to glam squad all year long, and what better way to end 2016 than with a blowout or balayage or maybe some lash extensions, perhaps? Let us be part of your holiday parties and your New Year celebrations to end this year with a bang! Book yourself a blowout, with a side of “Teased Eyes” and head to your celebrations looking so fab the hostess gets jealous.

This season is all about celebrating and who says you can’t celebrate you. Book yourself some me-time, take a seat in our living room with a mug of warm cocoa, and let our glam squad takeover.

From now until December 25th enjoy a very special holiday blowout package...
Buy 2, Get 1 Free!

The Teased Team

a crazy little thing called lashes

NovaLash Eyelash Extensions Now at Teased!

eyelash extensions at teased in haverhill ma

If you’re reading this, you have probably contemplated lash extensions at one point or another. The allure of “I woke up like this” has pulled you in and you want in on this secret club of women who [seem to be] so well-endowed in the lash area!

You’ve probably heard every negative and myth from those who can’t understand the draw of another beauty routine, but they are just that, myths!

Myth #1: Lash extensions damage your natural lashes.

Nope. NOPE!

If your lash artist is careful and knows what s(he) is doing, lash extensions are very safe for your eyes and natural lashes.

Each extension should be applied to ONE natural eyelash. This allows for each lash to complete its growth cycle without pulling or being pulled by other lashes growing at different rates. Sometimes mistakes can happen. If you feel any discomfort your lash artist will always be happy to take a look and fix any problems!

Myth #2: The extension adhesive contains formaldehyde.

No lash adhesives on the market today contain formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a dry gas therefore cannot be added to a liquid substance. It can, however, be a byproduct of breakdown after months of wear, but since lashes shed every 30-60 days there is no issue there.

Myth #3: You should take breaks from lash extensions.

Again, if your lashes are applied properly there will be no damage to your lashes. They are safe to wear indefinitely!

Myth #4: Lash extensions will cause bacterial infections.

Let me clarify. Your lashes will only be as good as the artist who applies them, and more importantly HOW WELL YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM! Extensions don’t cause infections; bad home care does.

Your service is not finished when you leave the studio. You have to make sure you take the time to clean your lashes and eye area and comb out your lashes every day. Even those who don’t have lash extensions can get infections with poor hygiene.

Using a special lash cleanser or a gentle cleanser free of glycols will keep your lids clean and healthy and those lashes growing and looking beautiful!


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teased's big surprise

We just couldn’t help ourselves. 

Since our doors swung open in the fall, we have been blown away (excuse the pun) by how amazing our time has been with all of you. We have loved every shampoo, every curl, and each braid. We have cherished being a part of your nights out, engagements, holidays, birthdays, and Sunday brunches. Which is why.. we want to give you more. 

Full service and what it means to us:

We want to give you the best service possible, which means being able to give you a quick bang trim with your blowout, an impromptu haircut, and some face framing highlights. Teased has always been on a mission to make you feel your best, so let us be your one stop shop. 

What this means for blowouts:

We will always be the blow-dry bar you know and love. We will always be here, armed and ready with your favorite curling wands and irons. We are your favorite place to get styled. Just consider us friends… with so many more benefits. 

We are so excited that you have let us in to your lives and allowed us to take care of you and we can not wait to see what the future holds. We are standing by to help you and pamper you in any way possible.. we hope you take a time out at teased very soon.

Your Teased Team