teased's big surprise

We just couldn’t help ourselves. 

Since our doors swung open in the fall, we have been blown away (excuse the pun) by how amazing our time has been with all of you. We have loved every shampoo, every curl, and each braid. We have cherished being a part of your nights out, engagements, holidays, birthdays, and Sunday brunches. Which is why.. we want to give you more. 

Full service and what it means to us:

We want to give you the best service possible, which means being able to give you a quick bang trim with your blowout, an impromptu haircut, and some face framing highlights. Teased has always been on a mission to make you feel your best, so let us be your one stop shop. 

What this means for blowouts:

We will always be the blow-dry bar you know and love. We will always be here, armed and ready with your favorite curling wands and irons. We are your favorite place to get styled. Just consider us friends… with so many more benefits. 

We are so excited that you have let us in to your lives and allowed us to take care of you and we can not wait to see what the future holds. We are standing by to help you and pamper you in any way possible.. we hope you take a time out at teased very soon.

Your Teased Team