a crazy little thing called lashes

NovaLash Eyelash Extensions Now at Teased!

eyelash extensions at teased in haverhill ma

If you’re reading this, you have probably contemplated lash extensions at one point or another. The allure of “I woke up like this” has pulled you in and you want in on this secret club of women who [seem to be] so well-endowed in the lash area!

You’ve probably heard every negative and myth from those who can’t understand the draw of another beauty routine, but they are just that, myths!

Myth #1: Lash extensions damage your natural lashes.

Nope. NOPE!

If your lash artist is careful and knows what s(he) is doing, lash extensions are very safe for your eyes and natural lashes.

Each extension should be applied to ONE natural eyelash. This allows for each lash to complete its growth cycle without pulling or being pulled by other lashes growing at different rates. Sometimes mistakes can happen. If you feel any discomfort your lash artist will always be happy to take a look and fix any problems!

Myth #2: The extension adhesive contains formaldehyde.

No lash adhesives on the market today contain formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a dry gas therefore cannot be added to a liquid substance. It can, however, be a byproduct of breakdown after months of wear, but since lashes shed every 30-60 days there is no issue there.

Myth #3: You should take breaks from lash extensions.

Again, if your lashes are applied properly there will be no damage to your lashes. They are safe to wear indefinitely!

Myth #4: Lash extensions will cause bacterial infections.

Let me clarify. Your lashes will only be as good as the artist who applies them, and more importantly HOW WELL YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM! Extensions don’t cause infections; bad home care does.

Your service is not finished when you leave the studio. You have to make sure you take the time to clean your lashes and eye area and comb out your lashes every day. Even those who don’t have lash extensions can get infections with poor hygiene.

Using a special lash cleanser or a gentle cleanser free of glycols will keep your lids clean and healthy and those lashes growing and looking beautiful!


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