Treat Yo Self with KEVIN.MURPHY

The Kevin Murphy Treat Me Experience

This just in! Kevin Murphy’s line TREAT.ME is now available at Teased, and lucky for you, you can get a sneak peak into all this product has to offer thanks to yours truly

First things first, let me explain to you what TREAT.ME is. Kevin Murphy describes it as “a facial for your hair”. TREAT.ME is composed of a range of ingredients  made of “super proteins” from plants and veggies to strengthen and repair damaged hair from chemicals and hot styling tools.

If you’re reading this ask yourself these two simple questions...

  1. Do you blow dry, straighten, or curl your hair frequently?

  2. Do you apply color to your hair?

If you answered yes to either of these questions you’re in luck; you’re a perfect candidate for this amazing deep conditioning treatment!

Today, myself and the Teased Team couldn’t wait to get our hands on the product and give it a test run! So, I invite you to keep reading and experience this amazing treatment with me, I promise you’ll want to be next!

To start, Jess made the TREAT.ME “mixture” to cater to my hair type. There were a few options to choose from to mix with the Elixir Flacon, which is basically the “base” of the mixture. Jess chose to use the TREAT.ME Moisture serum on me because my hair is both chemically treated and dry given this cold winter.

We then moved over to the sink, and Jess cleansed and prepped my hair with Maxi Wash to reduce any oil and residue that may have been on my hair. She then washed my hair again with Kevin Murphy Hydrate.Me shampoo. She chose to use Hydrate.Me on my hair because it is a super light shampoo that moisturizes and hydrates the hair, something my locks totally needed!

Following the second shampoo, Jess sprayed the mixture of Elixir Flacon and Moisture throughout my hair from roots to ends while giving me a nice head massage. I then got to sit back and relax for 10 minutes while the treatment set in, and I experienced a cool, tingling sensation along my roots. After almost falling asleep from that amazing little head massage, I was rinsed once more before heading to the chair for my blowout!

Check out this video to see Jess in action!

Now Time for the the Blowout!

Before beginning my blowout, Jess sprayed Kevin Murphy Un.Tangled in my hair and combed it through then added Kevin Murphy’s Young.Again to add even more moisture, and lastly Kevin Murphy’s Body.Builder to add some volume to my blowout. Then diligently she separated my hair into the tiniest of sections and applied the blowdryer to create some soft curls, pinning each piece up after it was dry. 

Finally, after a long blowdry (sorry for my thick hair, Jess!) I could finally feel the results of my TREAT.ME treatment. I was blown away. My hair had honestly never felt better. I could run my fingers through my hair like butter. It felt so smooth and silky, and it looked and felt extremely healthy. I have become so accustomed to my thick, heavy head of hair, and after that last pin came out, and my hair fell to my shoulders I felt like I practically had no hair at all! The treatment made it so lightweight and bouncy, I felt like a new woman!

After admiring my locks for sometime, and taking a few selfies (everyone knows that when you get teased you just have to document) Jess applied some Kevin Murphy Session.Spray to help my hair hold that soft curl, and viola! My TREAT.ME experience had come to a close.

The TREAT.ME Results

It’s been a few hours since my treatment, and my hair still looks and feels great! Not to mention, it smells absolutely delicious! Ladies, I encourage you all to treat yourselves to a TREAT.ME conditioning treatment, because after all of  your endless blowout appointments, balayages, and foils, your hair could use some rejuvenation. So, give your hair a little love, and book a TREAT.ME appointment today! #TreatYoSelf

The Teased Team