effortless summer

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We’re here, those sweet long summer days that trickle into the night that we wait for all year. Warm sun, soft breezes, beach days, boat days, what’s better than this?

We can tell you… keeping your look put together effortlessly from the beach to the bbq. How does one do this? Your team at teased has the answers.

step one

Brazilian Blowout. Now let me tell you, I was the first to be a non-believer of this treatment, I guess you could say I just didn’t understand. I naturally have the strangest texture hair, a mix between curly, wavy, and fine… air dry wasn’t in my vocabulary. After being tackled down by my stylist in the salon and given the treatment, I will never not have a Brazilian Blowout. The luxury of air - drying my hair is simply amazing. Your hair will dry faster, smoother, and feel healthier than ever. This treatment will change your life, and it’s not an understatement. 

step two

Lashes. I have forever been an advocate for lashes. Most of you know I’m always on the go or teaching a fitness class and it is a luxury to roll out of bed and look (kind of- somewhat) put together. Lash extensions make summer easy, no need to worry about mascara rolling down your face at the pool party. Your long, black ,fluffy lashes stay put while you have fun and they are the best compliment to sun kissed skin with lip-gloss. DONE. 

step three

Davines. Professional products change lives people. We aren’t lying when we say drug store shampoo and conditioner is bringing you (and your hair) down. Drug store products are often diluted, the first ingredient in these products is usually water (yikes) and they typically include silicone which will make your hair shiny at first and then dull over time. Cue Davines, these farm to hair products not only smell amazing but include so many amazing minerals for your hair. The simple change of using a salon product over a drug store product will give your hair true shine, restore hydration, and increase the overall health. Who wouldn’t love to give there hair new life after all the salt water, sun, and chlorine this summer?!

step four

We genuinely hope you’re all having an amazing and safe summer surrounded by family and friends. We would love to see your summer adventures, so take us along with you!

Tag us on Instagram at @teased_salon and use the hashtag #123teased and you’ll be entered to win all three of these steps to an effortless summer look! (Davines products limited to three products or $99 value). The more you tag, the more chances to win.

Now get out there and LIVE LARGE!